Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YW Lesson #10 - The Priesthood: A Great Blessing

The handout for this week's lesson was so fun to make and a nice change from something so "cutesy". It's also an interactive handout. By this I mean your girls can use the back of this handout during the lesson and write down what you discuss and ways the Priesthood blesses their lives. This requires a little bit of printing and cutting but is worth the effort and I've done the hard part for you! Here's some quick instructions:

1. Print THIS onto some colored cardstock. I used the light blue dotted paper. Then cut it big enough to attach the white shirt.

2. I drew a black line around the edge of the blue cardstock then mounted/glued it onto some white and trimmed it leaving a small border.

3. Print the shirt pattern onto some white cardstock then cut it out leaving a small border. (see photo) Glue to handout.

4. Cut the extra collar out of the cardstock leaving a small border as well. Adhere to shirt using a pop-dot.

5. Print the tie onto some red cardstock or whatever color you want it to be then trim it leaving a small border as well. Adhere to shirt using a pop-dot.

6. Print THIS onto regular computer paper, trim then glue to back of handout like pictured.

Easy Peasy!!! Here are the patterns! Enjoy! ♥

Friday, February 19, 2010

YW Lesson #9 - A Young Woman as a Peacemaker in Her Home

This handout is a cute one you can create using your paper scraps from previous projects! Here is the pdf to print. I printed mine onto white cardstock, cut it out, inked the edges with a brown inkpad, and glued it down on the pink dotted cardstock. I didn't sew on this one at all... can you believe it? HA! I used an ultra fine black Sharpie pen to create the little black "stitches" everywhere. I used a punch to cut the little squares but I included it in the pattern in case you don't own a punch. All the edges on this handout got inked to give it a worn look. Once I glued down the squares and added the stitches... the heart comes next. I cut the heart out of pink dotted cardstock and inked it before glueing it down on some white. I cut it out leaving a small border so I could add stitches to the heart as well. I used pop dots to adhere the heart to the handout so it stands up off the page a bit. Last I added the mini square patch, button and white embroidery floss bow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

YW Lesson #8 - Improving Communication Skills

Here's something I created that's SUPER SIMPLE for this lesson. Besides personally running out of time this week to make anything too involved, I felt like the message needed to be the focus. As it does EVERY week, but this one had a lot of writing. :)

CLICK HERE for the pdf

All I did was print it out on some scrapping paper then glued it down on white cardstock and trimmed with scalloped scissors. Add the bow and heart and you're done! Easy peasy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

February Visiting Teaching Handout

Here's a SUPER easy handout I put together to go along with this Month's Visiting Teaching message.
All you need to do is print THIS PDF onto some cardstock, cut it to the size you want and mount that on a different color to "frame it". I used white. I also added a machine stitched border on the kraft before I glue it down on the white. Use THIS FREE CLIP ART by copy and pasting it into a word doc, size it how you want, print then mount it on some cardstock. I used more kraft for this and even used my scalloped scissors to trim the edges. Then I punched small holes and tied a hemp bow through the dollar signs. I used pop dots to adhere this piece to the handout. Done! Easy Peasy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

YW lesson #7 - Living in Love and Harmony

I know I've used a house for a handout recently but this one's a little different... plus it has angel wings! Ahhhhhh! Right??? Ha!

Patterns are provided below as usual and CLICK HERE for the pdf with the wording I used on it.
Here's some basic step-by-step instructions on how I did this:

1. Trace all patterns onto whatever scrapbook paper you choose.
2. I added some brown chalk inking along all the edges to give a worn look to it. This is optional and will still be very cute if you don't do this.
3. next I added the linework and machine stitching..... again.. optional.
4. apply adhesive to back of house --- DO NOT apply adhesive in area where wings will be added.
5. Glue down on brown kraft colored cardstock then trim a small border all the way around like photo. Apply adhesive to front and back part of wings then stick them between pink house and brown.
6. Adhere heart and harmony definition using pop-dots. Glue down small white wordstrips on heart.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

YW Lesson #6 - Sharing Work in the Home

The Neal A. Maxwell quote in this lesson was a super good one so I wanted to use it on this. CLICK HERE for the pdf that will make it easy peasy to recreate this handout! I am also posting the pattern I made for the broom. I cut the handle out of brown cardstock and the broom part from yellow. I added some brown chalk ink highlights along the edges of the broom and then used a black extra fine sharpie to add the linework. I adhered the broom to the handout using pop-dots so it would stand off the page a bit. I had some pink cording I tied around the broom but embroidery floss would work too.

I've had many of you email and ask what kind of scrapbooking paper I use for my handouts. Since I am a scrapbooker... I pretty much just use stuff I have in my stash but the different colored dotted cardstock you see me use... like on this handout is from a company called Bo Bunny. I've been designing for them for about 5 years now. Anyhooooo... here's a link to some of the papers I am referring to. It's called Bo Bunny Double Dot Cardstock.... to be exact. :) Oh..... and I punched some hearts out of yellow cardstock so I could glue them down and create a border to fill some space behind the broom. I hope this makes sense! Got a lot on my plate this week so I am in a bit of a rush today! I will be posting Lesson #7's handout either today or tomorrow so ya'll can get a headstart on those!