Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YW Lesson #10 - The Priesthood: A Great Blessing

The handout for this week's lesson was so fun to make and a nice change from something so "cutesy". It's also an interactive handout. By this I mean your girls can use the back of this handout during the lesson and write down what you discuss and ways the Priesthood blesses their lives. This requires a little bit of printing and cutting but is worth the effort and I've done the hard part for you! Here's some quick instructions:

1. Print THIS onto some colored cardstock. I used the light blue dotted paper. Then cut it big enough to attach the white shirt.

2. I drew a black line around the edge of the blue cardstock then mounted/glued it onto some white and trimmed it leaving a small border.

3. Print the shirt pattern onto some white cardstock then cut it out leaving a small border. (see photo) Glue to handout.

4. Cut the extra collar out of the cardstock leaving a small border as well. Adhere to shirt using a pop-dot.

5. Print the tie onto some red cardstock or whatever color you want it to be then trim it leaving a small border as well. Adhere to shirt using a pop-dot.

6. Print THIS onto regular computer paper, trim then glue to back of handout like pictured.

Easy Peasy!!! Here are the patterns! Enjoy! ♥


  1. sometimes when I try to print your handout information it goes to a sight scribd.com and when it does that I can't print any of them do you know why?

  2. Hey Kellie! Even if the link takes you to the Scribd site you should still be able to click on the little printer Icon and print the handout. Will it not let you do that either?

  3. 我新來的~大家可交個朋友嗎(・ˍ・)........................................

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  5. Shanna, thanks again for sharing. And thanks, Thanks, THANKS for posting this so early. You are such a time saver. I had no problem printing anything, worked like a charm; easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. (Did you ever see that movie The Greatest Game Ever Played? That's our favorite quote from it. :)



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