Monday, October 9, 2017

Chews To Love As Christ Loves

I sure love the "Come Follow Me" format the Church has adopted for teaching gospel principles. I love the discussions in our Young Women's classes that invite the spirit as the girls share examples of these principles at work in their lives. Seeing and hearing how your peers are growing their relationships with Heavenly Father and increasing their faith inspires them more than any leader can I feel. I love that it feels like I get to be guiding a discussion instead of just up at the front of a room for 30 minutes preaching to them. I am already in love with my new calling at church and hope the girls will feel my love for them as well.  

Yesterday I shared the "How can I develop Christlike love" lesson. I thought I would share the little handout I made for them. Just something fun. I found some bags of Hubba Bubba chewing gum at WalMart for $2 each. I got two bags since the lesson was combined and we have about 24 girls when they are all there on Sunday. This handout is great for anyone. Primary lessons, Visiting Teaching, anything!!  I posted the graphic I made for the tag so you can copy and save it and resize and print some as well. Hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fun Conference Treat Idea

So last day of the month Visiting Teaching isn't normally my thing but in my defense... we had our routes changed last week and I'm just now getting to a gift-drop visit to my sisters in the morning... well... EARLY today since it's technically already Saturday as I'm typing this. 
Anyway.... Since General Conference sessions start today (YAY!!! MY FAVE!!) I thought I'd leave something fun and easy at each of my sisters' homes. A BIG bag of popcorn they can share with their families this weekend. I'm sharing the fun tag I created to attach also. 
Hope everyone has a blessed and inspired weekend! 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice - General Conference Notes

HI friends! Thanks for stopping by!  This morning when I was at the gym I found myself downloading an Audio Book through the Deseret Bookshelf app. This is my favorite way to “Read” because hearing the author speak seems to sink in to where I need it to go. It’s also a lot more practical being a busy mom who works from home and has a million things going on. I love getting on the treadmill and learning while moving!  
I didn’t get very far into the book by John Bytheway called Righteous Warriors before being inspired to create this fun worksheet to give our Youth… or anyone really… a place to jot down words from our General Authorities this weekend during Conference.  My new calling in our ward is 1st Counselor in Young Women’s so of course I was thinking of them when the idea to design this came into my heart.
I have always loved John Bytheway and how he makes learning about the Gospel so fun and easy to relate to. He was referring to Alma 43 as he explained how Moroni, going into battle, seeked the advice of the prophet Alma to know where the threats were.  This same principle applies in our day. Every 6 months we are blessed with hearing the words and guidance of our Latter-Day Prophet and other leaders in our church as they give inspired counsel, direction, and even warnings about what we should and should not be doing as we prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ and to protect ourselves and our families from the war that 
Satan is waging against us. 
I’m a sketcher and a journaler so I love fun and creative ways I can take important notes. Hopefully this will be used to highlight favorite quotes and counsel but then placed somewhere it can be seen and referred to long after the words hit the heart and paper.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO A PRINTABLE PDF VERSION or save the image to your desktop and copy and paste it into a word doc to print. Either way.... ENJOY!!!!! And have a fabulous General Conference weekend! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Love Notes

I'm excited to share this simple little thing that I think will make a HUGE impact on deepening our love and gratitude for each other here in our home. Living in a day and age where everything is created digitally or sent electronically.... I'm excited about this special place for HAND WRITTEN notes to each other. The guys in our home will have the solid black notebooks next to their beds and all the girls in our home will have the cute little heart ones on their night stands. I found those at the Dollar Tree by the way!!!! SUPER PERFECT FIND!! Anyway... These will serve as a place for us to leave notes to our family members as our hearts are nudged to!  Tell them THANK YOU for a kind thought or deed, tell them how awesome they did on their math test, tell them how much you love them and are glad they are in our lives.... WHATEVER.... handwritten notes. 
I personally plan on leaving little reminders in my phone at first to make sure I do this for each family member at least twice a week so I don't forget in the beginning. But can you imagine what a treasure this will be to keep forever close to your heart?? Special messages written to you from the people you hold dearest? I'm so excited! 
Here's the graphic I made for these through the AMAZING Rhonna Designs App so you can save this to your phone or desk top and print some to make for your family also! 
If you end up creating some I'd LOVE to see yours so be sure to come here and comment or tag me in your Social Media post! One more thing before I go.... I'm SUPER DUPER excited about a fun announcement I get to make next week!  SORRY FOR THE TEASER BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE!!!!  Have a great weekend friends! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

A fun and simple Baptism Treat

I just love the age group I teach in Primary. They are all so excited about turning 8 years old and making the decision to be baptized a member of the church. Their eagerness to learn and excitement is contagious. Here's a simple handout I designed that can be uploaded to any one hour photo and printed like a 5x7 photo. Glue on a Kit Kat candy bar and you're all set! A fun little Baptism gift for a boy or a girl! Who doesn't love chocolate and a fun reminder of your baptismal covenants! Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I Will Go Inside Someday

Hi there! I'm sure if your house is anything like ours now... School is back in full swing! This means crazy, busy schedules and trying to master the calendar. But a busy life equals a very blessed life so I am NOT complaining. I love it! 
One of the things that comes with a brand new school year is Volleyball season. I'm so very proud of my daughter Cassidy for making the High School Varsity Volleyball team for the 2nd year now... She's a Sophomore you guys! YES MAJOR MOM BRAG! Ha! 
With this commitment for Cassidy comes extra financial requirements. I normally help her create something crafty we can make and sell for extra money but there is just no extra time this year as we are trying to 
fund raise for a tournament coming up quick in Las Vegas, NV. 
Normally on this fun blog of mine I like to share freely of my talents and handouts I create as you can see in hundreds of previous posts. But I thought since this is something a little different and special that some of you may see the value in spending the $3.50 on a digital version of this painting I made so you can print as many as you want in whatever sizes you need. These are my hopes anyway! Here's a sample (please forgive the blurriness) of one I have printed and hung in an 11x14 frame I got from Hobby Lobby. Then also a sample of the print itself
 so you can see it clearly. 

These can be printed rather inexpensive at any photo processing shop and would make awesome gifts for the young ladies in your life. If you don't feel the desire to purchase this then pretty please consider sharing this post with a friend who may love to have it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 
 When clicking on the PayPal graphic below you will be taken to a secure area where you can use PayPal or your credit card. The cost is $3.50 and once we receive notification of payment you will be sent the digital file via email. If you have any questions please post in the comments and we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks so much and have a great day! 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Primary Lesson 29 Having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Hi there! I'm finally back to a place in my life where I feel like I can stay on top of sharing my creations and handouts for my different callings, Visiting Teaching, and even fun things I create for my children being their mom. Bookmark me, share me, go follow me on Facebook and Instagram! @PaperCakesAndIcing  

So tomorrow's Primary Lesson on Faith is one of my very favorite topics. I can't wait to share these little handouts and plant some seeds in class. I chose Radish seeds because they sprout quickly and my kiddos will be able to come back next Sunday and share their results. 
Here's a photo of the cups and soil and seeds. I'm also sharing the image/handout I made that can easily be downloaded then uploaded to Walgreen's ONE HOUR photo and printed in 4x6 size. Easy peasy!!!  

Hope this helps someone! I'm not doing as many handcrafted handouts anymore just because my time is so limited these days but I think something quick that can be created in an app can be just as cute and effective. Have a great weekend!