Monday, August 27, 2012

Darling Young Women's Torches

Hi there!  I've been MIA for a while again.  I am finally feeling a bit settled in now to our new home and trying to get organized.  I've had many people recently asking if I am going to be making my wood YW's torches available for purchase and to this I say YES!!! YAY! Here's some more info...
This YW's wood torch is a perfect gift for the young woman in your life. This would be a fantastic YW's activity as well to center the night around the quote on the tag "When you look in the mirror.... Do you see who HE sees?" and then give each one of the girls one. I also have a listing for the bare wood if you'd rather have a mutual night activity where your girls can paint and "craft" these mirrors themselves. But I am only selling the ready to gift mirror or the bare wood to paint yourself. They sell the little mirror I used on the torch at Hobby Lobby. 
The torch measures about 9 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" wide. 
My girls have each made one of these and they LOVE them. It's a beautiful reminder of what it means to be a daughter of God and the things they learn in the Young Women's program.
where you can purchase these YW's torches. Thank you!