Saturday, July 15, 2017

Primary Lesson 29 Having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Hi there! I'm finally back to a place in my life where I feel like I can stay on top of sharing my creations and handouts for my different callings, Visiting Teaching, and even fun things I create for my children being their mom. Bookmark me, share me, go follow me on Facebook and Instagram! @PaperCakesAndIcing  

So tomorrow's Primary Lesson on Faith is one of my very favorite topics. I can't wait to share these little handouts and plant some seeds in class. I chose Radish seeds because they sprout quickly and my kiddos will be able to come back next Sunday and share their results. 
Here's a photo of the cups and soil and seeds. I'm also sharing the image/handout I made that can easily be downloaded then uploaded to Walgreen's ONE HOUR photo and printed in 4x6 size. Easy peasy!!!  

Hope this helps someone! I'm not doing as many handcrafted handouts anymore just because my time is so limited these days but I think something quick that can be created in an app can be just as cute and effective. Have a great weekend!