Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's Underwear candy/gift card holder

uggh. I'm having serious problems with my printer today! Not sure if I will be able to get the handout done that I wanted to and posted to share! I'm so sorry!

Since I don't have the handout today I thought it would be fun to share this pattern that's been in my family for years! I love giving this to my kids' teachers for Christmas and they are always a hit!

All you do is cut the two pieces out then glue or sew around the edges leaving only the top open. Then you can use "Santa's underwear" to give a small gift, candy, or a gift card to someone for Christmas. You can use fabric, felt, or paper.... i love paper! ♥ Here's the pattern and you can print it as large as you need to by resizing it.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!