Thursday, April 15, 2010

YW Lesson #17 - Keeping Family History Records

The lesson for this week talks about providing some pedigree charts for your girls to fill in so that's an awesome thing to do with them! I created this tree pattern and created a "card" that they could personalize in class too. All you have to do is have everything done except gluing down the leaves for each member of their families. Just cut out a bunch of those to have on hand so they can add however many they need to the outside like I've done here. We have 7 children so there are quite a few leaves on our tree. LOL It still looks cute to only have a few. I made THIS CARD a few months back and it's what came to my mind when thinking about this handout. You don't need a bunch of leaves for it to be cute still. I think your girls will love it too!
Anyway..... all I did was glue some scrapbooking paper down to a 5x7 inch white card. Then used a cereal bowl to create the half circle and glued that down too. I like to add machine sewing on my projects but you can add linework or add nothing. Use my pattern below to create the tree and leaves. Print THIS out to add the quote to the front and the inside. Easy peasy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

YW Lesson #16 - Journals

To create this handout I printed THIS onto some notebook paper. It ran fine through my printer though I was a bit nervous about it. Then I trimmed it down to where I wanted it size wise (leaving space to add heart with pencil) before adhereing it to the fun mount of cute scrapbooking paper. Then I traced my heart pattern (see below) onto the purple cardstock to cut out the heart and adhered it to handout using pop-dots. Last I tied some black ribbon around the pencil then used some glue dots to stick the pencil on the heart.