Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lesson #33 Avoiding Degrading Media Influences

As I was going through this lesson I knew as soon as I read the "Teacher Presentation and Discussion" section what I would do for a handout. And THAT made me happy! Some ideas come instantly and others... not so quickly. This is another super easy handout to put together! All you need is some white paper or heavy cardstock like I love to use, some colored paper of your choice, and your printer & computer!

Here is the text (not the title) that's on the handout so you can copy and paste it into your own Word doc:

The skull and crossbones is the universal warning symbol for a poisonous substance. People all over the world recognize it as a graphic warning of what can happen to them if they take the substance into their bodies. Latter-day prophets have warned us of another kind of contamination that can be deadly, not to our bodies, but to our spirits and minds. The mass media—television, radio, movies, magazines, and newspapers—communicates to many people at the same time. These media can be used to further the work of the Lord on earth, to educate, and to entertain. But they can also be used to destroy. They are a chief tool of the adversary, who seeks to break down moral behavior in all of us.

Once you have the wording and the title how you'd like then just print it onto your colored paper. Here is the link to the font I used on my handout. I love grungy fonts and this one went perfect for this handout. Now once you have the wording printed out you are ready to add your skull & crossbones. Yay for FREE clipart! I found this one here. You can copy & paste the image into Word then resize it to fit on your handout. Once you resize it then print it out on some heavy cardstock and carefully cut the image out leaving a small border. This looks better than trying to cut up against the black line. After I cut it out I attached it to the handout using some pop dots or foam tape so it stands out a little for a 3-D effect. The fun extras are optional of course but since these handouts are for Young Women I added the hot pink zig-zag stitching with my sewing machine and a little pink tie bow. DONE!!! How's that for quick, easy, cute and effective???

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lesson #26 - Testimony

I really am trying to get "caught up" and even get ahead several weeks so everyone is happy! I'm getting there little by little!

This is another super easy idea for a handout! I just created a cute tag and used some pretty ribbon to add to this box of tissue!
The handout reads:
Your TESTIMONY is like this package of tissues… If you don’t take them out and use them, they don’t do anybody any good. However, if properly used, they make you and those around you feel a lot better.
How's that for quick and easy???
♥ Toddles! ♥

Lesson #25 - Sabbath Day

The handout idea for this lesson came right from the manual! It was a good one! All I did was bring it to life! Rulers are soooooo cheap right now because of back-to-school that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to glue an ACTUAL ruler on this! HA! I'm sick.... I know. LOL Anyway.... This one's pretty self-explanatory right? Post or email me if you have any questions!

♥ Toodles! ♥

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lesson #32 Personal Purity Through Self-Discipline

I got the idea for this handout in an old YW's handout idea book by Linda Dastrup. I still had them from when I was teaching in Young Women's over 10yrs ago! LOL Wowzers... time flies! HA!
This handout is pretty easy to put together! I created a pattern you can copy and paste into Word then resize however you want. Then print it onto whatever colored paper you choose.
I tied the little colored ribbons on the centers of the kite tags then taped the black ribbon down to the back of each one. I always use a heavy cardstock on my handouts so they are sturdy and not flimsy.

We can liken our lives to a kite in the wind. With the wind a kite moves upward, if the wind stops the kite will fall. The wind represents self-mastery or discipline. Weaknesses can make us strong and move us upward, but if we let down and don't exercise self-mastery we will fall. The string is like the gospel. It directs us and allows us to grow and reach higher heights as we practice self-discipline.

♥ ENJOY! ♥

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lesson #31 Group Activities: A Basis for Wise Dating

Lesson 31's handout is kinda fun! I LOVE these "Potee People" and when thinking about group activity handouts they instantly came to mind! The back of this handout will be used during the lesson as the girls discuss different fun activities that can be done with big groups. I will have them write the ideas down as they brainstorm for a few minutes.
As for the construction of these... I own a table-top die cutting machine called a QuicKutz Revolution. The little potee people are dies that I have and cut out on my Revolution. Easy peasy! Now..... I KNOW most of you probably don't have something like this at your disposal so here's a couple more ideas on how you can get these images onto your handouts.
These are stamps I had in my collection that I purchased for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. If you have these or something similar you can stamp the people right on the handout or you can stamp them on white cardstock then cut them out like I did here as a sample.
The other option would be to use free clipart from the internet. I found these online that can be printed and cut out onto colored cardstock. Then flip them over to glue them onto the hand out.
As for the rest of the handout, I used this free font called I Wish I Were Taller. I printed onto some patterned cardstock then glued it down on some white. I used my scalloped scissors to create the edge then used a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine to stitch around the handout. I use my sewing machine for scrapbooking projects a lot! I rarely use it for sewing on fabric. Funny, but true!
**** I also wanted to mention because I have received several emails already.... some of these handouts I can create for you to purchase. I'm not saying it will be an option for EVERY handout but some of them, depending on my time and supplies, I would be willing to sell. I would quote you a price based on the number of handouts you need so if you'd like more info or want to "purchase" these or other handouts from me you can contact me at THANKS SO MUCH! ♥

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lesson #30 - Service

To be honest... I could have created MANY more handouts about Service! It's a very common topic of Religion and there's a wealth of information, poems, talks and stories about it online if you do a little surfing.

But I didn't find this online. I actually found this idea/poem in my paper file. When I got married at age 21, one of the most priceless gifts my Mom gave me was a copy of "HER FILES". She has been collecting talks, poems, stories, ideas for handouts and classes, quotes.... the list goes on... for YEARS. And she has a file for just about every church subject you can imagine! She literally gave me and my sister a two-drawer file cabinet that had the hanging files already filled with our own copies of everything she had in hers!!!! I still can't imagine the time, effort and money that went into replicating these for us. I felt loved then but I especially am grateful now! I go to it often!!! Thanks again Mom!!!

Here's the quote that I used on this Lg. can of soup. I ran the paper through my printer, made a stitched border on my sewing machine (love that thing!) then glued it over the label. Added a bow and flower! Easy Peasy! Oh! And the free font that I used on this is called Wish I Were Taller


Do all the GOOD you can
By all the MEANS you can
In all the WAYS you can
To all the PEOPLE you can
At all the TIMES you can
For as LONG as you can

Helping comes in CANS not in CAN’TS
May your cupboard be filled with CANS!!!

This card handout has an awesome poem about Service inside.

The Front reads: If this were your last day on earth, what would you take home to God?

Inside: The Value of Service

Supposing today were your last day on earth,
The last mile of the journey you’ve trod;
After all of your struggles, how much are you worth,
How much can you take home to God?
Don’t count as possessions your silver and gold,
Tomorrow you leave these behind,
And all that is yours to have and to hold
Is the service you’ve given mankind.

Hope you are enjoying my new blog! Thanks for stopping by!

♥ Toodles! ♥

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lesson #24 Prayer and Meditation

The handouts I came up with for Lesson #24 are pretty basic and there are no patterns required. :o) I loved the "Invitation" idea that was already in the lesson manual so I just went the extra mile with it. Please click on the photos if you'd like to see the images larger! The "Invitation" stamp I picked up at Michael's Craft store in their $1.00 bin! Gotta love that! Please also keep in mind that I only teach a small number of girls in my ward every week so sometimes my ideas may or may not be more involved. Since I have fewer handouts to create I feel like I can get a little more elaborate with them. Not that these are!

I also ran across this sweet message while preparing for my lesson:

"Let prayer be the KEY that opens and closes your day!"

I was super excited because I actually had a ringful of old-fashioned decorator keys that I picked up somewhere several years ago for just pennies! I attached this quote to them as an additional handout for the girls. The modern key handout pictured here with the antique key is just a sample I made for those who have misc. keys kickin' around their house or junk drawers they could use instead of a big fancy one! LOL

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lesson #29 - The Second Coming

I know I'm jumping ahead a bit but I had a girlfriend text me a few days ago and ask if I had made a handout yet for Lesson #29 cause she needed some ideas! Of course I laughed because we are REALLY behind in my ward but I am going to work hard to get ahead so you can actually USE these ideas in UPCOMING lessons if you'd like.

Here's the items you will need to create this handout. And some basic steps for putting it together. A few notes first.... You can copy and paste these images into Word and easily resize them to fit your needs. Easy Peasy. I traced the heart and crown onto patterned paper then cut them out by hand. The earth is some clip art I found free online somewhere. I will keep better track so I can give proper credit.

Here's the quote I used:

“My dear friends, you are a royal generation. You were preserved to come to the earth in this time for a special purpose. Not just a few of you, but all of you. There are things for each of you to do that no one else can do as well as you. … If you will let Him, I testify that our Father in Heaven will walk with you through the journey of life and inspire you to know your special purpose here.” -- H. Burke Peterson

To use the same font I did on this handout CLICK HERE. You can download it for free at It's called "Seriffic Grunge" another one of my faves.

Now here's some basic steps to putting this handout together:

Print the quote out on white cardstock the size you'd like. Leave room to the left of it to add your crowned earth. Mount your cardstock on patterned paper if you like. I love this look and use the little black and white dots a lot. Size the earth the way you need it then print it out on white cardstock. I did mine to fit my 2 1/2" circle punch so I wouldn't have to hand cut these out. Then trace the crown and heart onto patterned paper and cut out. Add linework to white cardstock, heart and crown. I use an Ultra Fine Black Sharpie pen for this. Use pop dots or foam tape to adhere the earth as well as the heart. This gives it a 3-dimensional look. Very cool! Adhere crown to earth. Add jewels and your're done! YAY!!!

Lesson #23 - Forgiveness

Please bear with me while I try and get "caught up" on the lessons and handouts for them. I was recently called to teach in Young Womens and they are terribly far behind in my ward. My goal is to work super far ahead so you can come here and find some ideas and have plenty of time to prepare for your lessons each week!
Thanks for your patience! ♥

okay... this fun heart hanger also has a quote on the back of it by President Gordon B. Hinckley:

“Forgiveness may be the greatest virtue on earth, and certainly the most needed. There is so much of meanness and abuse, of intolerance and hatred. There is so great
a need for repentance and forgiveness. It is the great principle emphasized in all of scripture, both ancient and modern.”

The font I used on this handout is called "Digs My Hart" and I got it from a free scrapbook font site that I absolutely love! To down load this font for free CLICK HERE. I will be adding a lot of links to the side of my blog over the next week. Ones that I find myself using pretty frequently. So this one will definitely be listed!

Okay.... here's the pattern for the heart. And then as a bonus... I wanted something to display on my table while I gave the lesson. I loved this scripture in Ephesians so I created a fun mini-poster with it. ♥ENJOY!♥

Lesson #22 - Repentance

Lesson #22 was about Repentance. There was a great quote I shared about how God has a pencil with an eraser on it that he promises he will use if we will repent and change our ways. So… I made these giant pencil handouts and attached the quote to them so the girls had something to remind them of what they learned at church. I thought it would be fun to share this because there are soooooo many other ways and reasons you could use a pencil like this! Here's the quote and pattern too!
“God … has a pencil with an eraser on it and he has promised us that he will use it if we will repent and change our ways. … He has said that if we would forsake our evil and thoroughly make up our minds against it, then he would wash it out of his mind and just forget the whole thing. Of course, he expects that we will wash it out of our minds also.”

Here's the pattern to the pencil as well. It can easily be enlarged or reduced depending on what you are planning to do with it. Please post any questions you might have so others may see them too! I will be sure and reply so that everyone can benefit. ♥ENJOY!♥

Here we go!

I'm super excited to be starting this blog! Ever since I've started sharing my hand-outs and ideas I've used with my Young Women's lessons at church on my other blog you have sent me emails and comments expressing your excitement! This new calling is so fun for me! Not only do I love the Young Women's organization and teaching them.... I also love creating something special they can take home as a reminder of what they learned at church! I like to call it the "Icing on the Cake". I enjoyed it as a youth so I hope my girls will too!

The especially exciting part is I can share my creations here with you! They can be used as hand-outs with your lessons, visiting teaching or even for creating other miscellaneous projects! The possibilities are limitless! Please feel free to always comment or contact me if you have any questions. I will try and be as thorough with my patterns and instructions as possible! I want you to look at my projects and KNOW that you can create them too!!!