Wednesday, February 3, 2010

YW lesson #7 - Living in Love and Harmony

I know I've used a house for a handout recently but this one's a little different... plus it has angel wings! Ahhhhhh! Right??? Ha!

Patterns are provided below as usual and CLICK HERE for the pdf with the wording I used on it.
Here's some basic step-by-step instructions on how I did this:

1. Trace all patterns onto whatever scrapbook paper you choose.
2. I added some brown chalk inking along all the edges to give a worn look to it. This is optional and will still be very cute if you don't do this.
3. next I added the linework and machine stitching..... again.. optional.
4. apply adhesive to back of house --- DO NOT apply adhesive in area where wings will be added.
5. Glue down on brown kraft colored cardstock then trim a small border all the way around like photo. Apply adhesive to front and back part of wings then stick them between pink house and brown.
6. Adhere heart and harmony definition using pop-dots. Glue down small white wordstrips on heart.


  1. Too stinkin' cute! I LOVE this idea and look forward to recreating it for my miamaids. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and talent!

  2. Oh my goodness!! You are so amazingly talented!! I'm so glad you are inspired and share your talents with us! With working fulltime and still wanting to do cute handouts for my YW girls I'm so grateful I can come to your site and get incredible ideas and prepare ahead of time. Thanks again for sharing... and keep 'em coming!! :)


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