Monday, October 9, 2017

Chews To Love As Christ Loves

I sure love the "Come Follow Me" format the Church has adopted for teaching gospel principles. I love the discussions in our Young Women's classes that invite the spirit as the girls share examples of these principles at work in their lives. Seeing and hearing how your peers are growing their relationships with Heavenly Father and increasing their faith inspires them more than any leader can I feel. I love that it feels like I get to be guiding a discussion instead of just up at the front of a room for 30 minutes preaching to them. I am already in love with my new calling at church and hope the girls will feel my love for them as well.  

Yesterday I shared the "How can I develop Christlike love" lesson. I thought I would share the little handout I made for them. Just something fun. I found some bags of Hubba Bubba chewing gum at WalMart for $2 each. I got two bags since the lesson was combined and we have about 24 girls when they are all there on Sunday. This handout is great for anyone. Primary lessons, Visiting Teaching, anything!!  I posted the graphic I made for the tag so you can copy and save it and resize and print some as well. Hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by!