Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lesson #24 Prayer and Meditation

The handouts I came up with for Lesson #24 are pretty basic and there are no patterns required. :o) I loved the "Invitation" idea that was already in the lesson manual so I just went the extra mile with it. Please click on the photos if you'd like to see the images larger! The "Invitation" stamp I picked up at Michael's Craft store in their $1.00 bin! Gotta love that! Please also keep in mind that I only teach a small number of girls in my ward every week so sometimes my ideas may or may not be more involved. Since I have fewer handouts to create I feel like I can get a little more elaborate with them. Not that these are!

I also ran across this sweet message while preparing for my lesson:

"Let prayer be the KEY that opens and closes your day!"

I was super excited because I actually had a ringful of old-fashioned decorator keys that I picked up somewhere several years ago for just pennies! I attached this quote to them as an additional handout for the girls. The modern key handout pictured here with the antique key is just a sample I made for those who have misc. keys kickin' around their house or junk drawers they could use instead of a big fancy one! LOL

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  1. Ooooh, Shanna! You are so awesome to start this blog. I know I am definitely very excited about it! I can't wait to start doing some super cute handouts because I never feel the creative juices when it comes to my handouts. So thank you for doing this, I'm so excited!!!


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