Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lesson #32 Personal Purity Through Self-Discipline

I got the idea for this handout in an old YW's handout idea book by Linda Dastrup. I still had them from when I was teaching in Young Women's over 10yrs ago! LOL Wowzers... time flies! HA!
This handout is pretty easy to put together! I created a pattern you can copy and paste into Word then resize however you want. Then print it onto whatever colored paper you choose.
I tied the little colored ribbons on the centers of the kite tags then taped the black ribbon down to the back of each one. I always use a heavy cardstock on my handouts so they are sturdy and not flimsy.

We can liken our lives to a kite in the wind. With the wind a kite moves upward, if the wind stops the kite will fall. The wind represents self-mastery or discipline. Weaknesses can make us strong and move us upward, but if we let down and don't exercise self-mastery we will fall. The string is like the gospel. It directs us and allows us to grow and reach higher heights as we practice self-discipline.

♥ ENJOY! ♥


  1. Shanna, I'm quickly growing to being your biggest fan. I really love your ideas! I used your pencil design on a card for my daughter's teacher last evening.
    This kite is so colorful, I love it!

  2. This handout was one of my favorites. I had so much fun making them for YW... and I kept one for myself. Love your work. Thank You!!


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