Friday, July 9, 2010

YW Lesson 26 - The Sacrament

...............The handouts for this lesson are SUPER cute and easy peasy to crank out! Can't wait for you to see! To receive the Word Doc and the Pdf for this handout of 6 pages please complete the payment process thru the PayPal button below. Once I see it come thru you will be emailed both files.

Thanks for checking out my blog and giving my fun handouts a try!


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  1. Love this, but we are a week ahead of you on lessons! Arrgh. I can't stand to fall behind. We are on lesson 27 now as of this Sunday, so rats! Thanks for the wonderful idea, though. We had a good lesson on the Sacrament, but it would have been lovely to have this. Hoping to either catch up or fall behind so I can use your ideas. Carolyn


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