Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YW Lesson 25 - The Law of Sacrifice

This handout is SUPER CUTE!!!! "EWE" will love it! Hee hee! It includes a colored photo that you can print right onto cardstock and make it easy-peasy.... OR you can use the pattern I've provided to make your own from scratch with your own scrapbooking supplies! Either way.... I'm pretty darn sure your girls will love this one! Oh and don't forget.... I will email you once your PayPal transaction is completed and send you the Word doc AND the PDF for this.

Thanks and have a great day! ~Shanna♥

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  1. Shanna, I don't follow this blog of yours....I faithfully follow MNTY blog though....love all your "stuff"!

    I just thought I'd take a peak and see what is going on over here and you just make me ooo and ahh so much....kind of like watching fire works...haha.

    Don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want the wrong people to hear this...and if you tell, I'll deny it, but your stuff is soooo adorable I almost wish I was in YW teaching....almost. I should buy the patterns and use them to make cute cards. LIGHTBULB MOMENT! I'll have to go back and check out the patterns again and see what I can make other than the handouts with your cute designs. Anyway, love the sheep and really, thank you sooo much for sharing your talents with everyone. Tell your kids that people think their mommy is so talented and very giving.


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