Wednesday, January 6, 2010

YW Lesson #1 - Drawing Closer to Jesus Christ

I've had the idea for this handout in my file FOREVER! I think I used it 10+ yrs ago when I was first called to teach the Mia Maids. I don't know where I got it back then but the message still applies today so I hope you like it.

I gave the girls this handout and presented the following object lesson:
I displayed a decorative mirror on the table as well as a picture of Christ right in front of the mirror leaving some of the mirror still visible. Then I had each girl look in the mirror then back away from it. After each girl did this I asked them "What happened as you drew closer to the mirror?" As you draw closer to Christ, He draws closer to you. Then I asked, "What happened as you moved away from the mirror?" As you move further away from Christ you no longer feel close to him. Christ isn't the one who moves. He is always there waiting for us to draw near to Him.
Here's a pattern for the mirror I drew. The little round mirror came from an old compact I had. I am sure you could find some cheap at the dollar store or in your stash of old make-up.
***EDITED TO ADD*** For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a Hobby Lobby close by... I saw that they carry a package of 3" round mirrors for $2.47 and there is 5 in the pack. Use a coupon and they are even cheaper! WAY COOL!!!

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