Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Back! Special info....PLEASE READ

Happy New Year to my Paper Cakes and Icing readers! I hope you are each happy and healthy as we welcome 2010!!!
A few personal notes to share about my work here at PC&I. First I have to say how grateful I am to those who have sent messages to check in on me and express your excitement about my handouts getting posted again. The cyber-love has been overwhelming and far reaching. To be honest, I was not sure if I would be closing up shop or not but there is an obvious desire and need for the fun little things I create based on your emails. My family recently started attending a ward in a different near-by town and I am no longer teaching in Young Women's so you can imagine my struggle with the decision to keep things fresh and updated regularly.
Well.... I've decided that I need this as much as some of you do! I still have 5 young daughters, Family Home Evening in our home and a calling as a Visiting Teacher.... all of which would still benefit from what I do here. So... in an effort to stay on top of the weekly YW's handouts that I will continue to do starting today, you should know that I may not always be as detailed in my directions and patterns as I have in the past but if you see something you have specific questions about PLEASE don't hesitate to email me and ask!
I'm sorry for taking longer than I expected to get back here! Life happens right? So before I post the next two week's lesson handouts... I will leave you with a photo I took recently of my sweet Chloe girl who just turned 2 months old. She's a little slice of heaven here in our home.


  1. Chloe is BEAUTIFUL!! Wow how fun. Thanx for the handouts. They are beautiful as well. Maybe you will be in YW in your new ward soon. Good Luck!

  2. Chloe is such a cute name. She is absolutely adorable, beautiful, precious, you name it, she is!

  3. Your baby is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your are amazing!

    Sending Love from NV :)

  4. She is precious! I am so glad you are back, helping us! We need you! Many, many thanks!


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