Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Special Delivery Update

Hey there! Just wanted to check in and give ya the heads up on what's going on over here! I am getting ready to give birth to my 5th child. If I don't have this sweet baby by about the 7th of November my doctor will be inducing me. Sooooooo.... that being said.... please forgive me if I don't post much over the next 3 weeks or so. Life is a bit crazy here! I promise to keep you posted and let you know when I will be back to taking special orders.
Thanks for understanding!
Shanna ♥


  1. Good Luck... so exciting. I'm the mother of 5 girls (and now have 11 grands). Enjoy the next couple of weeks. BTW, I love your blog and ideas.

  2. I absolutely love your handouts. They are amazing. I'm the 1st counselor in our YW here in Manti, UT and am loving it. I'm giving the combined lesson this week, Nov 1st, lesson 41. Have any ideas? I have a really good story about sunflowers that goes with the lesson also. Thanx for all your great ideas.

  3. Good luck and best wishes for a happy and healthy delivery! Can't wait to see you back online when you can - but enjoy that baby as long as possible!

  4. WOW i cant believe you have 4 kids, almost 5 and still time to do those awesome handouts. Youre amazing, congrats on the baby and best wishes to you.

    Thanks for all your ideas and help

  5. Best wishes, give the little one lots of hugs and kisses!

  6. How exciting! I wish you a safe delivery and hope it goes smoothly without any emergencies! Can't wait to see photos!


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