Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lesson #38 - Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom

Several times throughout this lesson it mentions our bodies being "Gifts from God". It seemed only natural then to wrap an empty box.... Give a GIFT to each Young Woman to serve as a reminder to take care of their bodies. Adding a tag that reads: HOW ARE YOU CARING FOR YOUR GIFT FROM GOD? This is another QUICK & EASY handout. Something fun though! this font is called Cheri and can be downloaded for free HERE. If you want to use the potee person logo on the tag I shared it in this previous post.


  1. Love it!! can´t wait to run to the store and buy all the things! LOL

  2. you are a savior.
    i am preparing this lesson
    for NEXT week (nov. 1)
    and in my opinion
    the lesson is awful.
    i have to teach it combined to beehives, mia maids
    AND laurels.
    your site has saved me. i'm so glad i did a search for ideas on YW manual 1 lesson 38. WOOT! i hope my handouts turn out half as cute as yours! thank you SO MUCH!

  3. Help!!! I'm giving this lesson in 2 weeks and I love the wrapped box idea, but I want to take it a little further and put healthy items in the box. example bottled water,fruit,toothpaste,floss and tooth brushes. I need a few more ideas to fill the box. I'm using those clear boxes that are like $1.00 so I need suggestions.


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