Sunday, March 4, 2018

YW Lesson ... What is Grace?

(What I wrote on the chalkboard in class) 

I love getting to teach combined lessons on the first Sunday. This means I get to choose which outline..... which equals more options. I didn't really understand WHY I was being tugged towards the topic of GRACE when I was deciding and preparing. I just assumed it was because the Lord knew I needed to brush up on this topic. Heaven knows I do. I always learn more in Young Women's than I feel like I am teaching. But today in Testimony meeting I quickly and quite powerfully realized why this lesson needed shared. Today... one of the members of our ward who I have admired and adored for years shared her healing miracle of cancer that's been ravaging her body for 6 years now and the beauty of the Grace of God that took place in her life along the way. Today was a gift I hope NEVER to forget. I need to go jot down some things in my journal before I forget!

Anyway..... there were many different ways listed that this topic could be approached. I touched on several things and had the girls read a few different scriptures but the last half of class we listened to Elder David A. Bednar's talk.... "Bear Up Their Burdens with Ease."    When you listen to this talk you will see why I created this fun handout to give the girls. I found the trucks at the Dollar store and had the small bags on hand to staple to the handout I shared below. It's already designed as a 4x6 print you can upload to Walgreen's or CVS and print like 4x6 photos. Just save it to your device and print! So much good stuff in today's lesson. Hope this can help some of you as you prepare this month! Happy March!

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