Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey there! I know it's been AGES since I posted anything here but we've relocated home to AZ in the last few months and are still working on getting settled in. I don't have a current calling except for being the "Craft Leader" up at Girls' Camp next month so I've been taking things easy. I will get back to creating handouts as soon as I can. Until then I will continue to share little things that inspire me along the way. The Lesson in Sunday school this week was awesome and this quote by Pres. Benson REALLY resonated with me! Had to make sure and make some "art" with it. 
Hope you like it. Hugs! ~Shanna


  1. I loved that quote too! And I love it even more as a cute little handout. :)

  2. So....what fun crafts are you doing up at Girls Camp?

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog via sugardoodle...love all your resources and ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!


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