Monday, June 7, 2010

Gallery Idol: It's that time again!

Crossing my fingers for the 3rd summer in a row! I made the Top 20 of Paper Craft's Gallery Idol again this year and am super excited for yet another chance to compete with some uber-talented card-makers. I got to create a card using their "Creativity Heals" theme and came up with this "encouraging" card with my favorite Irish Blessing quote. Click on the photo to see the larger image. The quote reads: "May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

Now!!!! I NEEEEED your votes!!!! Doesn't matter how cute you think my card is... if it doesn't get enough votes then I won't advance to the next round. This card competition is set up like American Idol. The 5 cards with the least amount of votes in each round WILL NOT move on.

Soooooo.... I will love you forever if you'll vote and spread the word too if you can! I would love to advance!

Keep reading for the basics on the voting process.


1. You’ll need to register with the contest tool to vote, so first go to the “Registration” tab.
2. Once you’ve registered, then click on the “View Entries” tab.
3. Once you select your favorite card, click on the “Vote” tab. (Make sure you’re really sure because you’re only allowed one vote per voting round!)

Easy Peasy! Thanks for your support!!!! And tune in here Friday the 11th to see if I will be moving on with the Top 15!!! YIKES!

HUGS & Thanks!


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