Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Times are hard

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my ideas and creations and it’s something I hope I can and will continue doing. After months of hesitation I have decided that I need to start charging a small design fee. I pray that this won’t upset or discourage so many of you as this was not an easy decision. It’s become an actual necessity because of the need for me to either work a full-time job outside my home away from my family in which case I would have to stop creating my handouts all together or find a way to generate income and still stay home with my children. Times are hard for so many of us! I hope you will give my handouts a try. This small design fee includes color photos, brief instructions on how to assemble the handouts, patterns where needed and even actual print ready handouts if you need a quick and easy option!

You will receive a full pdf file with everything you need for each handout you purchase after completing the payment process. Each pdf file will be $2.50.

Thanks for your support and understanding. I pray this will be successful as I just dread leaving our home of 7 children to go back into the work force.

Hugs ♥ Shanna


  1. I will pay. You save my lessons and I love your "easy peasy" handouts. I understand the stay at home or work dilemma, I struggle with the same thing and so I bake and decorate wedding cakes out of my house for my friends and family. Good Luck, and Thanks so much.

  2. It will be my pleasure. I'm so grateful to have your adorable handouts for my girls each week. Times are hard and it's nice when we can help one another. Thank you!

  3. I will gladly pay. You're handouts are lovely. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.


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